Water Facts
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Your water and you
We can live for weeks without food but only days without water.
Water plays a huge role in our everyday lives. We bathe in it, brush our teeth with it, wash our clothes with it and clean our dishes with it,  We swim in water and sprinkle our lawns with it.
We wash our cars, trucks, vans,bikes and boats with water.We
drink it, cook with it, make orange juice with it and mix baby formula with it.Industries use water in manufacturing processes
As a matter of fact . there's a little water in just about everything
But more importantly, there's water in you.Between 55 and 70
percent of the human body is made up of water! That means if you took all of the water out of a 175 ponds man, he would weigh a mere 35+ pounds! And the younger you are , the more
water your body contains.
Water : Regulates body temperature, serves as a solvent for minerals, vitamins, amino acids, glucose and other small molecules, aiding their assimilation into the body, carries oxygen to all parts of the body, lubricates the areas around our joints (especially important for athletes, people with arthritis and those with chronic musculoskeletal problems), is necessary for chemical reactions in the body , acts as a shock absorber inside the eyes and spinal cord , removes the waste products of our metabolic processes
Water facts
How Water works ?
How hard is your water ?