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Water facts

Soap saver: Hard water impairs the cleansing strength of detergents. Conditionned water not only delivers greater washing power, it reduces soap requirements up to 70% and protects your washing machine at the same time.

Clothes brighter: Clothes last longer, come out fresher, cleaner and softer when washed in conditionned water.Colors stay brighter too.

Pipe protector: Over a period of time, hard water scale can formand clog up your plumbing system. As the
pipes clog, water flow is restricted and water pressure can be dramatically reduced.A water conditionning system helps to eliminate this problem.

Money stretcher: The cost of your cleaning supplies will also drop dramatically with conditionned water because you will use less soap and fewer harsh chemicals to get the job done.

Dish sparkler: Tired of streaks and spots on dishes and glassware? Conditionned water eliminates this problem. and will help your dishwasher to last longer too.

Hot water guard: Conditionned water adds longer life to you water heater by minimizing the scale buid-up created by hard water minerals. It saves you money too. Less energy is required to heat water in tanks without scale build-up (18% to 22% less).

Stain eliminator: All bathroom fixtures benefit from conditionned water. There will be less rings, stains, or mineral buid-up to darken your porcelain or marble.

Scrubbing helper: Washing floors, tiles and woodwork goes much easier and fasterwith conditionned water because it eliminates the film and soap scum that hard water causes.

Spotless car: You will have a "car wash" experience when washing and rinsing your car with conditionned water

Hair pamperer: A conditionned water shampoo revives hair color and makes it more radient and manageable.

Body refresher: Bring conditionned water to your bath or shower and you will feel a refreshing difference. You will wash 'really clean" faster and without soap build up on your skin. You will come out more relaxed and refreshed than ever before.